Listen to “Don’t Hurt Me” by DJ Mustard & Nicki Minaj

DJ Mustard dropped his new single “Don’t Hurt Me” on TIDAL exclusively on 15th June. The single came out as a surprise as no one was expecting a new single from DJ Mustard. Nevertheless, now we have this new single and it’s great to have something new from Mustard. After all, what’s better than having Mustard on the beat?

“Don’t Hurt Me” isn’t a random new single. In fact, it’s a special single with Nicki Minaj featuring in it.¬†Whenever Nicki is involved in a collaboration, it turns out to be something exciting. I’m sure this time it will be more exciting than ever since it also features Jeremih along with Nicki.

This new single is a club banger for the summer. It’s the ultimate summer jam that you could expect from DJ Mustard. There is news about it being included in DJ Mustard’s upcoming studio album. This will be his second studio album and it will be released some time later this year.

In “Don’t Hurt Me”, you are going to hear Nicki rap in her traditional style. Since the overall production is really bouncy, Nicki’s vocals fit in almost perfectly. As far as theme of the song is concerned, it’s about getting people super-excited this summer. You gotta listen to it to figure out how “Don’t Hurt Me” could get someone excited and naughty. Listen to this new single below.

Listen to “Don’t Hurt Me” by DJ Mustard and Nicki Minaj

Use this link to listen to Don’t Hurt Me on Tidal.

Post Author: David Watt