Becky G Mangu

New Music Video: Becky G’s another Spanish music “Mangu”

Becky G has released another Spanish track “Mangu” after the huge success of “Sola”; another Spanish track that got an appraisal by the Latin community.

Becky G is real smart as she grasped the potential in the Spanish market and she’s here with a new Spanish track with the Latin-flavored tune.

Can this one be a bigger hit than “Sola”? Time will tell!

Becky G probably didn’t want to release her new music video for “Mangu” until she performed it live on stage at 2016 Latin American Music Awards; held at Dolby Theatres Los Angeles.

Becky G released the music video after a few hours of her performance around at midnight on October 6th, 2016.

The music video begins with Becky G rescuing one of her girlfriends who’s on a date with a guy; giving her a note on a piece of napkin.

Then you will see Becky doing sassy choreography in a car with other girlfriends; shopping and later dancing on top of the bar of a club.

I must say, she looked so hot in the video wearing thigh cuts and also, she looked older than her age. She’s just 19! I think it’s an effort to be known as a mature girl but not a teen.

Since it’s release on VEVO, the music video has over million views and continues to get more. We wish her best of luck!

Watch: Official video of Becky G’s “Mangu”

Post Author: David Watt