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Music “Using” By RITUAL Ft. Emily Warren + Official MV

RITUAL, a British band consisting of three, has been doing work behind the scenes. They helped Dua Lipa and Little Mix get hits under their belt. Now they’ve decided to come out of shadows and make their own music. Their debut song was “Love Me Back” and now they’ve given us another new track titled “Using.”

Their new track “Using” features Emily Warren. The lyrics are relatable as the band talks about the moment of realization when you find out that you’ve been used by someone. It’s about someone who does this to everyone he meets. The person has a powerful personality and therefore he is able to use every one the same way. It’s a hoax and the song is about the person who has just realized that.

RITUAL didn’t only give us the track but they also dropped its music video a few days back. It looks really cool, starring Cailin Russo. The visual is powerful and delivers the message home. Watch it below.

Watch Music Video “Using” By Ritual Ft. Emily Warren

Post Author: David Watt