New Music: Holy Other – ‘Love Some1′

Manchester-based, Berlin-born producer Holy Other has announced he will be releasing his debut album Held on 27 August through Tri Angle Records. The album follows on from his highly acclaimed debut EP With U, which he released last year, and if lead single ‘Love Some1′ is anything to go by, will feature a lot of brooding, sumptuously produced post-dubstep/minimalist electro/whatever it’s called these days.

Listen to ‘Love Some1′ here:

Here’s the full tracklist for Held:
01. ‘(W)here’
02. ‘Tense Past’
03. ‘Inpouring’
04. ‘Love Some1′
05. ‘U Now’
06. ‘In Difference’
07. ‘Past Tension’
08. ‘Held’
09. ‘Nothing Here’

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