Music: “Paper Light” by Loreen

Whenever there is time for Eurovision Song Contest, there is a song released by Loreen. This has now become a sort of a tradition of its own kind. 2015 saw yet another track released by Loreen just at the right time as Eurovision Song Contest is about to start. This time around the track released is called “Paper Light (Higher)” which is actually the first track to be released from Loreen’s upcoming sophomore album. This album will be released through Warner Music during the last quarter of 2015.

With this anthematic track released, there is every chance that Loreen will be called up to perform at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. With her performing on this year’s show, fans are going to love it again as she is probably the best find for the show. Her live performances have been nothing less than mesmerizing and we hope it will be the same this year to the delight of her fans and anyone who enjoys genuine good music.

“Paper Light (Higher)” is a cute track in its own way but if you have been following Loreen’s music, you will know this is something where she is definitely not at her best – more like being out of water. Her strength being trance, dance and electro pop music, her voice doesn’t perfectly suit to the tune of “Paper Light” or at least that’s what some of her major fans in the industry think. Maybe a live performance at Eurovision Songs Contest may change views but still it’s not the best from Loreen that we have come to hear in the recent years. Listen to it for yourself and let us know your opinion in comments below.

Listen “Paper Light (Higher)” by Loreen

Post Author: David Watt