Music Video: “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift

After releasing a preview snippet sometime last week, Taylor Swift has finally released her new music video “Wildest Dreams”. The music video is directed by Joseph Kahn, who has already worked with Taylor Swift on number of projects. “Wildest Dreams” is the latest official single from Miss Swift’s album “1989”. The music video was premiered on Sunday, august 28.

The music video is all about a handsome boy and a girl, falling in love and living their wildest dreams. Taylor Swift does a lot of kissing and makes out with Scot Eastwood, who is son of Clint Eastwood. Scot is perfect for the music video as he is nearly the handsome person Taylor sings about in the song. The music video is shot in Africa. The video shows Taylor and Scott as co-stars in a movie being shot in 40s.

Since it’s Africa, expect plenty of wildlife scenes. The co-stars go for a safari, take an old plane to see the view from top and they kick the hell out of lions and other wildlife they see during their safari. The music video is fun and fans are going to love it. Taylor Swift looks stunning in her makeover as an actress from 40s. But as all this happens and everything looks just about perfect, Taylor Swift sees Scot kissing another women and that’s what breaks her heart.

Watch Music Video “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift


Post Author: David Watt