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Music Video Review: “Comme Moi” by Black M ft. Shakira

Black M, a rapper from France, as released the official music video for his new single titled “Comme Moi”. This new single isn’t an ordinary French rap music but it’s something special as it includes Shakira. Although the music video that Black M released is low budget, it features Shakira. So even when no one would have talked about this music video, everyone chooses to say something about it. It looks good as Shakira steals the show with her sexy looks and moves – something that could work in the favor of Black M.

The music video was released on VEVO some hours ago. The music video hit the internet like a storm as Shakira fans watched it like an obligation. The video has already gathered millions of views and it’s on its way to become the biggest video for Black M, who is already the biggest thing in French rap.

Shakira has already proven her star power. She featured in Prince Royce’s music video and it received over 30 million views in just its first week. Imagine, what Black M could get from this music video. It could be a career-changing moment for the rapper.

In the music video, we see Black M rapping without a shirt. He’s got some nice abs. Shakira, on the other hand, sings her chorus and shows off her cool moves. You will even see her in her real hair during the music video as she portrays an office lady. You will also see her different looks as she tries new wigs and unique wardrobe throughout the music video. It’s something you always expect from Shakira as a part of her star power. You will also see some signature Shakira moves, without which the video couldn’t have been complete.

It’s a great music video, one that will remind you of what star power can do. Even though it’s low-budget, Shakira has changed the way you will look at this MV. Watch it below.

Watch “Comme Moi” by Black M. featuring Shakira

Post Author: David Watt