Music Video: “Good Grief” by Bastille

Bastille released his new single “Good Grief” a few days back and now the indie-rock band has premiered the official music video which might seem a little bizarre to some. Still, it’s a good MV which already seems to be on the road to success.

“Good Grief” will be included in band’s upcoming studio album, scheduled for a release via EMI Virgin and Capitol Records later this year. The single seems to be doing good on the radio. Shooting a somewhat bizarre video seems like the right move at this time for the band. It’s going to give them more visibility on social media and they will definitely get more airtime on radio for their soulful single. Everything seems to be going well for the English indie-rock band.

When you watch the music video, you will know why I tagged it ‘bizarre’ earlier in this review. So many things will shock you that you won’t have a choice but to admit that it’s bizarre despite being good. For example, think about Dan’s head on the floor, chopped off from his body but still being able to sing. Even the bank robbery seems so grim. You will see a girl laying on bed without clothes and then there is a fire. A man will save the girl from the fire. Artistic but bizarre – that’s all I can say about it. You better watch the video yourself. After all it’s worth watching.

Watch Music Video “Good Grief” by Bastille

Post Author: David Watt