Music Video “I Got You” by Ciara

R&B singer Ciara officially premiered her new music video today for “I Got You”, a beautiful track written by Diane Warren. Ciara has already dedicated this track to her baby Future Zahir Wilburn who is also featuring in the video. I got to admit that Ciara’s kid is super cute and it is what makes the video worth watching even if you don’t like her “I Got You” track for some unknown reason.

Ciara made this video to celebrate Mother’s Day and she has done great with it to be honest. This personally made clip opens with the news that Ciara is pregnant. She then has the son, baby Future. She loves and cares for him. She combs his hair and kisses him as she wants to take him everywhere with her. She is also proud to show off her son to her friends and talk big things about him. She just wants to be with him at all the times. This is kind of a perfect video for Mother’s Day reminding us all how important our mothers are for us and how they sacrifice a lot of make us happy. The video also sends the message home that mothers are always proud of their kids no matter what.

“I Got You” has everything to hit Top 40. The music video and Mother’s Day dedication will give the song the push it needs to quickly glide to top charts around the country. You can watch the music video for “I Got You” below.

Watch Music Video “I Got You”

Post Author: David Watt