Macklemore tells about his drug addiction in his new song “Drug Dealer”

The Seattle rapper Macklemore has premiered a new song “Drug Dealer” via SoundCloud on October 11th, 2016. The song is all about his past experiences as a drug addict and how he has been so numb and alienated.

A co-production of Macklemore and Joshua “Budo” Carp is a good motivation for the drug addicts as the rapper explains through his verses that how he has gone through all the drug addict issues, and still managed to be a successful music artist.

Furthermore, Ariana DeBoo also added some nice verses in the chorus that’s an addition to the anti-drug theme.

Macklemore would get so much respect after exposing his all drug issues and how he managed to get out of it, and made his way to being a rapper. It’s so fascinating and motivational in every aspect!

“My drug dealer was a doctor, doctor! Had the plug from the Big Pharma, He said he’ll heal me, heal me, I think he tryin’ to kill me, he tried to kill me for a Dollar” such powerful verses by Ariana DeBoo!

We hope that Macklemore makes a music video for his wonderful music creation. It would be a big hit!

It’s always good to listen to something that is different than the usual romantic songs!

Listen: “Drug Dealer” Macklemore Feat Ariana DeBoo

Post Author: David Watt