Little Mix Music Video For, “Strip”. Watch Now:

The British Girl Group , “Little Mix” has released a new music video for their song, “Strip” surprisingly the same day they released their fifth studio album, “LM5”. Strip is included in the recently released album and it features the American Rapper, “Sharaya J”.

The song comes with a great message of loving yourself and not to care about what others say. It’s like love who you are… You are beautiful, whatever the way you are. So, it’s really good to get a music video for a lovely song like this and if I am not wrong, Of course I am not,  the music video is too damn cute as well.

The Video Starts and shows that the band members refuse to wear make up just because they love themselves just the way they are. You will see them dancing and expose their bodies to bring the idea that there is nothing more beautiful than themselves. Isn’t it cute? After that the Sharaya J joins them to rap her verse.


Watch The Music Video To Little Mix’s, “Strip”:

I like the song but I love the Music Video. I mean, just look at them, their attitude. This music video should have been shot and  released first when they released, “Woman like me” and with that may be the era could have produced better results for the British Group. What do you think?

Post Author: David Watt