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Listen To Single “Anyone” By Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is back with a new single. Titled “Anyone,” the 27-year-old artist performed this comeback single at the Grammys. She decided to premiere the track live and it turns out to be a solid move. The track is already getting a lot of attention and Demi hasn’t yet pushed it like a banger.

The song “Anyone” is important and somewhat personal for Demi because she wrote it a few days before she had that overdose incident. As you might guess, the song is an emotional affair where Demi is asking to have ‘anyone’ for a connection. She talked about the song and how she was feeling at the time she wrote it in a recent interview. While talking about the song, she called it a plea for help – a song that anyone would listen and know that this girl clearly needs help.

Demi sings over a piano arrangement in this track. The lyrics as desperately honest. The song opens with Demi accepting that she even tried finding a connection with her piano and guitar. She tried to find a friend in alcohol. As the song progresses and you continue hearing confessions from the hitmaker, her pitch continues rising and by the time she reaches the chorus, she is almost crying “Lord, is there anyone?”

Now the song “Anyone” is available for streaming and you can also watch live performance. Press play below to enjoy this comeback singer from our favorite artist.

Listen To “Anyone” By Demi Lovato – Lyric Video

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz