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Listen: Primal Scream streaming album ‘More Light’

Primal Scream have come up with a novel way to stream their new album More Light.

Instead of the boring old ‘here’s a stream’ approach, they’ve decided to make the now traditional album stream promotional device a bit more of an event – revealing a quarter of the album to stream at a time.

The first quarter, or ‘Side A’, of More Light was released earlier today, and they’ve just released the stream of ‘Side B’ – so below is 50% of the album for you to listen to,

‘Side C’ will be released at 8am tomorrow (8 May), and the whole stream will be completed with the release of ‘Side D’ at noon tomorrow. Hopefully they will then release a full stream, so we don’t have to keep hopping between different YouTube pages!

Here’s Sides A and B:

More Light is out on 13 May


As promised, Primal Scream have now released Sides C and D of More Light for your streaming pleasure:

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