Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album “Joanne” got a Leak

What? Lady Gaga’s forthcoming album got a leak?

Yes, it happened yesterday. A physical music store in Belgium put “Joanne” on sale by mistake, and evidently the fans have purchased so many copies already. There are still 3 more days left for Lady Gaga to officially premiere the album but this incident seems to affect the early sales of “Joanne.”

So unlucky for the Lady Gaga!

There are rumors that you can download a pirated copy of the album online. Oh yes! It did happen. It could be one of the fans who got an early copy and uploaded it to the Internet.

“Joanne” will be officially available in stores on October 21st, 2016; carrying 11 tracks. Lady gaga has co-penned the album lyrics with the help of BloodPop, Mark Ronson, Emile Haynie, Kevin Parker, Hillary Lindsey and Nadir Khayat.

Lady gaga hasn’t released a single pop album since the release of “Artpop”, and it will be insulting to her if this album doesn’t get more sales in the first week than “Artpop.”

We hope that this leak wouldn’t affect the debut sales, and she gets rewarded fairly by her fans around the globe. After all, these artists spend so much time to create quality music for us.

Lady Gaga didn’t miss a single stop to promote her forthcoming album just like Lady Gaga Carpool Karaoke appearance. She would be so disappointed.

Is she going to sue that store? She must!


Post Author: David Watt