Lady Gaga Performs at a Wedding Reception

Surprisingly, Lady Gaga has performed at a wedding for a business tycoon for one million US dollar. It wasn’t an American wedding and neither did some Chinese businessman paid such huge amount. It was a Russian tycoon who wanted the Mother Monster to give the reception to his guests.

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The wedding was nothing less than ordinary. The lucky girl (daughter of Russian tycoon) had Lady Gaga performing at the reception and the event itself took place in Hollywood at the same spot where Oscars are traditionally held.

Although Lady Gaga or the wedding planners haven’t released any video of Gaga’s performance yet, we have the video thanks to some fans who shot her performance on their mobile cameras. You can now watch this performance and wish that you had that kind of money and influence in the Hollywood. Lady Gaga performed Marry The Night, Million Reasons and Bad Romance.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform at a Wedding at Dolby Theater Hollywood

Post Author: David Watt