Kady Rain-Bad Kids

Kady Rain Comes Up With a New Single, ”Bad Kids”

The Pop Star , “Kady Rain”  released a debut EP, “All I ever Wanted” in 2016. She started her career as a solo artist.  She has announced that a new EP is on your way and will be released later this year or early 2019.

Kady has now released a new single titled, “Bad Kids”. This is the third release of her this year as she already released two singles, ”It wasn’t the roses” and “Lonely One”.  The song is written by Kady Rain, Ben Bazzrea, and Ariel Abshire. She performed this song on TV for the first time on BalconyTV.

This new song by Kady is one of his best. The song has a very gentle beat and Kady has delivered her best with her beautiful voice. Imagine the Vocalist, “KAdy” uttering lyrics like, “We are the bad kid’s up to no good”. Just WOW!

Listen to Kady’s New Single , “Bad kids”

Alright i know you loved it. I am wondering after creating a masterpiece like this whether the singer is going to produce a video for it. I think she must go for it!



Post Author: David Watt