Green Day is back with “Bang Bang” – Listen to a Single

For those who still talk about the Green Day era a few years earlier, there is huge news about the band. They are working on a new studio album and they have released the first single from that album. This new single is titled “Bang Bang” and to be honest, this is the perfect title they could have for their comeback single.

This new album is going to be titled “Revolution Radio” and it will hit the market on October 7th. So if you are a fan of The Billie Joe Armstrong-led rock band, it’s time for you to put the rock songs back in your playlist.

The band released information about the new song and the new album in a press release. According to this press release, the new album will be produced by the band. The new album will include 12 tracks and the theme of the album will be about the complexities of the modern day existence.

The band will try to re-establish itself as the lead rock band in the world with this album. The first single from the album “Bang Bang” is a hardcore rock track with a lot of anger thrown in the vocals. Billie talks about the political scene of the world and how the media is influencing opinions. Billie shows us the modern day world through the eyes of a kid who grows old during the song. Listen to this new rock song below.

Listen to “Bang Bang” by Green Day

Post Author: David Watt