Gangnam Style by PSY

‘Gangnam Style’ is now the most watched YouTube video ever

YouTube has announced that PSY’s South Korean pop-rap-dance thing ‘Gangnam Style’ is now the video-sharing sites most popular video ever.

It’s taken just four months for ‘Gangnam Style’ to beat Justin Bieber’s previous record of 803 million views – reaching an unprecedented 805 million views sometime around midday today (24 November). Before Bieber’s ‘Baby’, the record was held by Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’.

To illustrate just how stupidly popular ‘Gangnam Style’ is, YouTube’s Trends blog published the below chart, which shows how quickly the video caught up with Bieber’s popularity (‘Gangnam Style’ is the red one):

Amazingly, YouTube says that the ‘Gangnam Style’ video still gets between 7 and 10 million views every day! So it won’t be long until it becomes the first video to get 1 billion views.

To help it along to the billion target, watch it here:

Post Author: Luke Glassford

Post written by Luke Glassford - founder, editor, writer and everything else at All-Noise.