Eminem premiers New Music Video for, “Fall”. Watch now!

The Eminem’s 10th studio album has just been released on Friday 31th of August. Every one knows that Eminem and the Machine Gun Kelly are having a bit of discomforts with each other as according to their releases via digital platforms.

Eminem dissed Machine Gun Kelly and MGK replied back. That is on the headlines these days.

How could you leave the “Rap god” behind? He is up with the Music Video to the song, “fall” form his new album, “Kamikaze”.

The video holds the lyrics and is exactly about the theme of the song.  Video starts when Eminem receives a number of negative comments about his Last album “Revival”.

Video Continues and a social media monster emerges from an iPad and starts following Eminem and tries to attack him. Eminem tries to avoid that monster and he runs. In the end Eminem stands facing the monster and the monster attacks him. The CD of his last album gets crushed under foot.

Watch The Video Of Eminem’s Song , ”Fall”



WOW! Eminem always shows his best. Although he has been criticized by other rappers but just look at him. The energy he brings every time is something that makes him the “Rap god”.

Post Author: David Watt