Camila Cobello Cries To See Justin Bieber Listen ‘Havana’

Justin Bieber took a screenshot of himself listening to Camila’s song Havana which she took it to Instagram to express her joy. Camila has all the reasons to be super excited at this. Why shouldn’t she be overwhelmed on such a huge advertisement of her song? Miss Cabello seems to be a huge fan of Justin Bieber already.

Camila took this to her Instagram and uploaded a short clip of her sitting at a desk. She’s wearing a white hoodie on her head with sunglasses on. Camila is clearly seen crying on which her friend that was recording the video asked. She, at first, puts her hand up to the camera and then rests her head on the table before responding. “Justin Bieber was listening to ‘Havana’ on his Instagram Story,” she said and continued to cry and laugh.

Camila’s Havana Breaks All Previous Records

Camila Cabello’s solo song Havana broke all the previous records as it appears at number four on the UK Singles Chart. Despite the fact that Camila did not give any UK performance, Havana has become the talk of the town already. There is yet no music video for this song either but the song has caught the music world like a fire that even Justin Bieber could not hold himself.

Post Author: David Watt