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bülow Song, “Two Punks In Love”. Stream:

The German-canadian singer and songwriter Megan Bülow, who is known professionally by her stage name, “bülow” has premiered a new song titled, “Two Punks In Love”.

This new song is her first release after the EP, “Damaged, Vol. 2”. The song was released through Republic Records and was written by Megan Bülow.

“Two Punks in Love” is a romantic ballad and if you are in love with someone this song is going to take you in some other world. The tone is very relaxing on ears.

The pop singer’s soulful voice accompanies a very soft melody and it just left me like WOW! Like always, Bülow has not missed her mark. This is a lovely release.

Listen To Megan Bülow’s New Song, “Two Punks In Love”:

I know i am needless to say that this is one of the best releases this year. isn’t it?

Megan Talked to the media about the song when she said, “With “Two Punks In love” it feels like I have gone full circle. It’s a homey feeling.”

The pop singer has is supporting Fickle Friends on a tour these days. The Tour ends on October 18th. Here you go with the link to more tour details.


Post Author: David Watt