camila-cabello at number 1

Big News: ‘Camila’ and “Havana” are at Number 1

Camila Cabello has finally realized her BIG dream. Her single “Havana” is sitting at number one as it passed Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. At the same time, her self-titled debut solo album is also at number 1 spot on Top 200. It’s a big day for the “Havana” hitmaker who was previously part of the famous girl band Fifth Harmony.

Camila cabello

When Camila left her band in mixed emotions, no one was expecting this young artist to rule charts in the USA in such a short span of time. But she was confident as she kept focusing on her music, ignoring criticism from 5H fans and band members. She didn’t listen to any of it and kept on working on her new singles. Finally, she came up with “Havana” and it turned out to be a major hit. It took its time but now it’s finally reached the No. 1 spot, giving a huge boost to Camila’s solo debut album. She has come a long way in a very short period of time.

Many people believed that Camila would fail as a solo artist. They thought she doesn’t have what it takes for a solo career. Against all odds, she did it and now she has become a part of a very special club. But with this success, comes higher expectations as Camila will have to continue what she has achieved. She will have to work even harder to get into Top 10 of the Hot 100 with another single. Once she does that, she will become ‘super’ special and ‘legendary’ artist. Would that happen with her next single “Never Be the Same”? Only time could tell.



Post Author: David Watt