“Shake It Off” (Taylor Swift) covered by Kelly Clarkson

“Shake it off” by Taylor Swift has sit on the chart tops for weeks. This track has become so popular that many artists have already covered it. Now there is Kelly Clarkson with her own version of “Shake it off”. This is probably the best cover we have heard for Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”.

Kelly Clarkson covered the song because it is something she likes. She said it during her interview that she enjoyed covering the song because it was a church song. She also said that people think they like this song but they don’t really understand it. That was the reason she decided to cover the song.

Kelly Clarkson has already covered Sam Smith’s hit track “Stay with me” and she did that really well. When she sang the track last week in Chicago, it was something different from what we have heard from Sam Smith. It was a different version with electric guitar. The cover looked quite different from the original. Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off” also gets a similar treatment from Kelly Clarkson and I’m sure you are going to love listening to it.

Watch Kelly Clarkson’s “Shake It Off” covered by Kelly Clarkson – Watch live performance

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz