Remix: “Wild” by Troye Sivan featuring Alessia Cara

Troye Sivan has given us a new remix of “Wild” – his latest song featuring Alessia Cara. It’s time all of you turn up the volume and enjoy this cool refreshing remix.

You might have heard “Wild” before on US radio. Some of them played this remix back in the days when Troye released his EP. But nevertheless, now it’s featuring Alessia Cara and it sounds fresher to the ears. I want to see this all over US radios once again. I’m sure they’d pick it up for their playlists considering it has a new appeal to it now.

Troye already has a hit with the US audience when he broke through Billboard Hot 100 and managed to find a place among top 25. All this didn’t happen a long ago but just a few months back, earlier this year.

This new remix featuring Alessia Cara appeared on Elvis Duran Z100 show on radio. Later in the day, the audio appeared on Spotify and then on iTunes.

If you are wondering why Troye has chosen Alessia Cara for this single, the reason is obvious. She’s also Canadian and Troye is already a huge fan. They know each other well and they understand one another’s music. I think it could turn out to be a major reason why this song would do good on US radio. Only time will tell the truth but I’m hoping for a top 25 finish for this track just like Troye had it earlier this year. Do you agree “Wild” is that good? Listen to it below.

Listen “Wild” by Troye Sivan featuring Alessia Cara

Post Author: David Watt