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Watch The Acoustic Video For Janna Paulette’s, “Shooting Stars”.

The country music singer and songwriter, “Jenna Paulette” has dropped a new acoustic music video for, “Shooting Stars”. This is not the first time, but the Nashville based singer has already released two other acoustic videos this month including, “Slow Dancing On The Moon” and “F-150”.

The song, “Shooting Stars” was released on 2nd of November and it marks the sixth official single release by Jenna so far this year.

So, Shooting Stars is now accompanied with the official music video. It was first premiered exclusively on Directlyrics and is now available on digital platforms.

The video sees Jenna Paulette singing the song with the guitarist sitting by her side. It is acoustic, so we all know that this is how it was supposed to be. Enjoy!

Watch the acoustic video to Jenna Paulette’s, “Shooting Stars”:

Jenna Paulette talked to the media about the song and the video and said, “This song is about a very really breakup for me. So it’s nice to have been able to shoot an acoustic video for it, in a simple setting and allow myself to be vulnerable to express every little lyric.”

Post Author: David Watt