Watch The Music Video To Ellie Goulding’s Song, “Flux”:

The English singer and songwriter, “Ellie Goulding” has shared a new song titled, “Flux”. The rack was produced by Jim Elliot and Joe Kearns.

Flux will appear on Ellie’s upcoming fourth studio album which is not given any title yet. Also, the official releasing dates for the album are not announced.

Flux is a ballad with a polite tone where Ellie slays it with her magical vocals.

The song is now accompanied by a music video as well, as Ellie shared it on the same day after the release of the audio track. It was directed by Rianne White.

The music video features Ellie and nobody else in a quite dark room. She looks lazy, sings the song and plays keyboard.

Watch the music video to Ellie Goulding’s new song, “Flux”:

The British singer talked to the media about the song. Here is a part of what she said. “Flux is a song that I wrote entirely from the heart that seemed to capture how I felt about not ever being able to let go of a past love.”

Post Author: David Watt