Watch Shakira’s “Trap” Music Video Featuring Maluma – Music Video

Shakira has finally premiered the music video for “Trap” and to be honest it seems like an ‘old’ music video. Why do I say so? Because when you see the video, you will find some scenes from her photo shoot that was for the cover of El Dorado album. How did those clips end up in this video? I’m pretty sure that Shakira had been delaying the video for over a year and now she has found the right time to premiere it.

It indicates something that could mean a lot. Shakira was lazy not to shoot a separate visual for this song but instead, she used the footage she had from her album cover shoot. Now that’s really lazy. We definitely expect our favorite celebrity to put more heart and soul into her music videos. After all, fans wait a long time to see these visuals and if they indicate that the artist didn’t put his or her heart into it, it could be really heartening. Is it because she is a mother now and probably doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to her fans? I’m sure Shakira will have an answer to that for the sake of her fans.

In the music video, you will see Shakira looking pretty as usual. There is Maluma in the video and he is shirtless. That could make some of you think that the video has to have more in it for the fans. Unfortunately, that’s all you get. A great looking Shakira and a shirtless Maluma. There is nothing more in this video for anyone to see. It’s a crap and totally skippable unless you have decided to watch every visual that has Shakira in it. Is it Shakira’s worst MV ever? I think a lot of you would rate it that way. Watch it below and share your thoughts in the comments.

Watch “Trap” music video by Shakira

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz