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Watch Selena Gomez’s Official Music Video “Wolves”

Selena Gomez has given us the much-awaited official music video “Wolves”. It’s here but unfortunately, there are no wolves in it as we all expected them to be.

Not having the wolves isn’t the only thing missing but the video doesn’t have a storyline either. You will have to make up some sort of story yourself if you like it that way.

With that sad note, let’s explore the good things about this MV.

The music video has Selena Gomez in it. That’s one good thing about this video that you can’t ignore. She is so ridiculously beautiful that you will have no way to dislike the music video despite all its shortcomings.

She puts on various designer dresses and delivers perfect fashion model vibes. It’s all you expect from Selena but unfortunately, the lack of a storyline turns the whole affair down. It’s dull in the end unless you’re a diehard Selena fan who loves the video just for seeing her with all her sexuality and personality.

Whether you like it or not, Selena has got a hit video yet again. You gotta watch it to know how she can turn an otherwise dull and boring music video into an exciting and sexy affair. Watch Selena’s “Wolves” MV here.

Watch “Wolves” Music Video by Selena Gomez

Post Author: Harvey Dyer