Watch Performances at Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2016 (Halsey, Icona Pop, and Juanes)

Halsey, Juanes, and Icona Pop performed at the recently held Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2016 in Oslo, Norway. The concert was a hit, thanks to mesmerizing performances by all three guests.

Halsey performed her hit single “Colors” followed by “Castle”. Both these songs were picked from her debut album titled “Badlands”. The next performance came from Icona Pop, the hit Sweedish girls, who choose to perform their classic hits such as “All Night” and “I Love It”. The band also performed a brand new single titled “Brightside”, which came as a surprise for the people outside the Europe where Icona Pop has lost its charm. However, a lot of fans would be infuriated with the Icona Pop for not performing “SOmewho Who Can Dance”. Everyone was expecting to listen to this song in addition to other hits by the Sweedish girls.

The final performance of the night came from Colombian star Juanes who performed “A Dios Le Pido”, followed by “Fuego”. Juanes was an important part of the concert because Colombian president won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping his nation by ending the long-standing conflict with the guerilla fighters. It was definitely the highlight of the night when Juanes performed these songs. He was amazing throughout the night and so was his president.

Now it’s time to see these performances. Everyone looked great so you might have trouble ranking the performances. Still, considering the event and the Nobel Prize winner, it seems like the night belonged to Juanes.

Watch Juanes perform at Nobel Peace Prize 2016 concert

Watch Hasley perform at Nobel Peace Prize 2016 concert

Watch Icona Pop perform their hits at Nobel Peace Prize 2016 concert

Post Author: David Watt