Watch Official MV – “Perfect Places” by Lorde

Lorde has premiered the official music video for her song “Perfect Places”. The music video came out yesterday on VEVO and it has become a hit MV already.

I feel like this is going to be best visuals that Lorde has done every. When you will watch the MV after this short video review, you will know what I mean. It’s really well-done and I’m excited about Lorde’s music once again after this MV. She needed something exactly like this.

“Perfect Places” is the latest single from Lorde’s second studio album titled “Melodrama”. She didn’t only sing the song but she also co-wrote it. Grant Singer directed the music video. Grant is already known for her work with Ariana Grande, Zayn, and The Weeknd so you expect him to deliver such good visuals. Do tell us in the comments if you are happy with the video. Did you feel visually satisfied with what Lorde and Grang Singer have come out?

In the music video, you will be seeing Lorde accepting that she’s a part of nature. As a result of this realization, she is going to visit jungles and beaches. You will be seeing her in all these exotic places filled with natural beauty. She, while wearing beautiful gowns, reminds us of natural beauty. Wherever they shot the MV, the locations were simply out of this world.

Watch the MV below to see it yourself.

Watch “Perfect Places” by Lorde


Post Author: David Watt