Watch Official Music Video for “All Night” – A Lauren Jauregui and Steve Aoki Collaboration

Steve Aoki and Lauren Jauregui have collaborated for “All Night” – a brand new EDM single by Steve Aoki. The music video for the new single came out on YouTube.

In the video, you’re going to see a lot of club shots. The video revolves around Lauren who is in love with a guy. When she comes to the club, a lot of hunks gather around the VIP area and by the dancefloor. They all want to have eye contact with Lauren – she’s so hot. But none of these guys is lucky enough to grab Lauren’s attention. In the end, one of the hot guys will get some attention some Lauren. As soon as she looks at him, she falls in love with him.

Once they fall in love at the first sight, both want to get together and maybe hug each other. When they try to get to each other, it turns out to be a lot of bodies between them. Nevertheless, they make the way through people and reach each other. As soon as they meet, they teleport to some other world – probably a romantic but futuristic world where they would have ample time and space to enjoy each other’s company.

The music video is powerful and has a deeper meaning to it if you can catch it. It’s in the transition. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to think that hard, there is plenty to keep you busy. I’m talking about Lauren Jauregui serving her hotness. She’s absolutely incredible and she looks totally stunning in this video. All Lauren fans, you just can’t miss this video. Watch it below.

Watch Lauren Jauregui in “All Night” Music Video

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz