Nola Mann ‘From Dusk 'Till Dawn’

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Brussels-based rising singer-songwriter Nola Mann released her highly anticipated EP titled, From Dusk ‘Till Dawn. The five tracks enchantingly combine elements of R&B, folk, and country to take the listener on a dreamlike narrative made of pop culture allusions, cinematographic references, and universal themes.

With, From Dusk ‘Till Dawn, on the horizon, Nola Mann continues to captivate listeners with her combination of R&B, folk, and country. Every note of her captivating musical journey is infused with her passion for music and dedication to her craft, leaving listeners eagerly expecting the next installment.

Nola Mann’s ‘From Dusk ‘Till Dawn’

“The EP is about personal and universal traumas such as Depression, bad relationships, anxiety, and global mental health issues. It’s also about an inner world we don’t always share and sometimes struggle with alone. But it’s also about fighting our demons and trying to heal from them. Everybody is trying to heal from someone or something, everybody has traumas. I think mental health is still very much stigmatized and people don’t have to deal with it alone, dawn comes after dusk.”

Nola Mann composed and wrote the lyrics to the five tracks alone on guitar. With the exception of ‘Moon’, Maxime Mattelaer wrote the instrumental track first, then the songstress followed with the words that developed the melody. Gordon Delacroix made the arrangements and produced all the instrumentals. Before Pieter De Wagter mastered each song and Maxime Mattelaer completed the final mix, she recorded, mixed, and produced the final vocals at home.

From Dusk ‘Till Dawn, enhances Nola Mann’s status as a musician. She is a force to be reckoned with. The EP will grab the listeners’s interest right away. She confronts her demons and wraps them in lightness throughout the EP’s five tracks, showcasing her seamless musical brilliance and vulnerability as an artist. At the end of the tunnel and the long night, dawn. The light illuminates. Creating, From Dusk ‘Till Dawn.

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Post Author: Harvey Dyer