Watch Niggas in Stade De France – Beyoncé and Jay Z’s sizzling performance


I believe there is no better place than Paris to perform the hyped track “Apeshit” live for the very first time. Last Sunday July 15 will be written in the history as not just the French soccer team won the FIFA World cup 2018, but also the day powerhouse duo Beyoncé and Jay-Z performed “Apeshit” for the first time in front of live audience.

In Paris (Stade de France) the combination of R&B and Hip-hop superstars delivered an appealing performance of their first single “Apeshit” from very recent and surprise joint album “Everything is Love” under the name “The Carters

Actually, the music video of “Apeshit “shot at Louvre in Paris, so it was more than a better choice that Beyoncé and Jay-Z gave their first performance on familiar French soil. It was the last but not the least performance of a very power packed show. It means that a musical duo just ended the show at its peak.

The crowd just went crazy about the performance as the Hip Hop star and R&B music took them to the next level. The mesmerizing performance set the stage on fire that will give the confidence to this musical-duo to perform and arrange their next concert with confidence and same passion.

If they post their performance to their official website and setlist it will definitely give them a better and different output. Not just this duo but all the dancers on the stage performed their heart out to make this performance remembered for years.

No matter if the performance is coincided with the FIFA World Cup final and thousands cheered for French win, there was no shortage of audience for this performance.

Post Author: David Watt