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Watch Music Video: “Yesterday’s Song” by Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes has premiered a new music video titled “Yesterday’s Song”. This new song isn’t just the new single but it’s more than that. It defines the beginning of a new era for the singer. It seems as if Hunter Hayes has left his old self behind and found a totally new image of himself in this new song.

This song “Yesterday’s Song” is truly a yesterday’s song now considering it has been almost six months since Hunter released this song. It has taken this long to get a music video for it. The fans have been waiting for the video ever since, without ever giving up hope. And now, here they are rewarded for keeping the hope alive as Hunter decided to release the official music video on VEVO.

Hunter, in this music video, is looking really hot as he wonders around inside of a structure that looks rather like a disco ball. He explores the structure from the inside – yes, inside a disco ball. There are mirrors on every side that he looks and they feel like a maze. It’s this maze where Hunter has to find a way out and see if he can get out of this disco ball. While her struggle continues to find a way out of this maze, he’s offered a huge amount of cash by a strange man who has a disco ball as his head. What is this cash for? Well, you will have to watch the video to know this.

This music video seems somewhat symbolic. Hunter, who wants to escape her past and change the way he does music, is symbolically showing to struggle to get out of the disco ball. The man offering her the money seems like her career could have generated money but he has already refused because that’s not the kind of music he wants to do in the future. Even the song title “Yesterday’s Song” connects with this symbolism and provides a vivid image of where we could see Hunter Hayes in the future. Anyway, it’s time to listen to this song and watch it’s official music video now.

Watch “Yesterday’s Song” by Hunter Hayes – Full Music Video

Post Author: David Watt