Watch Music Video: “Want You Back” by HAIM

HAIM has finally rewarded the fans with a music video. It’s the MV that you have all been waiting for some time now.  “Want You Back” is the lead single from HAIM’s upcoming studio album. It will be band’s second studio album and it will come out in the first week of July. As of now, the band has announced July 7 as the release date.

It’s been more than five weeks since the band released this song. However, they failed to give the fans a music video following the release of audio. Nevertheless, it’s here now and I’m sure everyone will fall in love with this simple video. Despite its apparent simplicity, there is a lot to see and absorb in this MV.

In the music video, you will the girls walking down a road. They keep walking till the very end of the video. However, you will see some really quirky dance moves that would make you appreciate the video. These dance moves are perfectly synced with the beat of the song – something that makes it worthy of watching over and over again.

Give the video a try and see if you like it. You might find yourself trying out these dance moves with the girls.

Watch New Music Video “Want You Back” by HAIM

Post Author: David Watt