Watch Music Video: “SAD” by XXXTENTACION

You can finally watch XXXTENTACTION’s “SAD” music video. It’s a chart-topper already but unfortunately for XXXTENTACTION this video couldn’t be released while he was alive. The song is included on the rapper’s album and he shoot the music video before his death. So we have it although he is gone – like a memory that he left for us.

The music video premiered yesterday with it’s ‘sad’ visuals. Even the visual treatment is kind of haunting. It’s a coincidence but what a strange one. In the music video, you will see him predicting his own death, although not the way it happened in the real world. If you want more of this eerie stuff, he even tweeted about his feeling of ‘death’ only a few hours before it actually happened outside a store in California. The 20-year old American rapper probably foresaw it with some kind of psychic power or whatever. We are sad for his premature death and we all wish his shooters are brought to justice.

Watch the “Sad” music video by XXXTENTACTION

Post Author: David Watt