Watch Music Video: “Colour” by MNEK & Hailee Steinfeld

MNEK has premiered the official music video for the latest single titled “Colour” and it’s as good as you want it to be, considering the single is already a bop.

This cute music video clearly suggests that MNEK is taking this new single seriously and wants to promote it properly. With Hailee Steinfeld collaborating, I knew the track was going to be great. However, I doubted MNEK would ignore it but that didn’t happen – something that has made my morning great. When you see the music video below, you will also feel the same way. Thank you MNEK and Hailee for such a super cute video.

Although “Colour” is a great track and has a fabulous music video to accompany it, yet it isn’t MNEK’s best track. He has already some amazing hits on his list. However, this could be another of major hits.

The music video for “Colour” is directed by Bradley and Pablo. In the visual, you will see everything changing from dull black to colorful. Even the camera work shows change, not only in color, but also in moods. You notice that as the dizzy camera work takes you from the black and white era to color in the video. I’m sure everyone will love how Hailee looks super pretty in the music video. Give it a  try below and I’m sure you will put it on repeat.

Watch “Colour” Music Video by MNEK and Hailee Steinfeld

Post Author: David Watt