Watch Liam Payne Perform “Strip That Down” Shirtless [Video Inside]

Liam Payne listens to his fans. The latest proof is his performance. His fans wanted him to go shirtless so desperately and he listened to them. He performed “Strip That Down” on TV and literally stripped it down.

Liam had many opportunities to go naked. He performed his song on TV. That was where he could have dropped jaws in the audience by taking off his shirt. He chooses not to do so. But eventually, after his fans insisted, he decided to do it on a private gig. It was hosted by Virgin Radio in Paris. I think, Liam Payne chose the right time and place to go topless.

During the performance, Liam Payne started with a sexy track jacket. But as he delivered the first few verses of “Strip That Down”, he couldn’t resist. He opened his zipper and let everyone see that he wasn’t wearing a shirt under the jacket. He kept on performing the song while removing the jacket slowly. Eventually, it came off and fans were able to see his muscles. He was sweating and making it very difficult for every girl in the audience to stay normal. It was a hot moment with pulses running really high.

You can watch this performance. I’m sure you want to see Liam Payne going shirtless. That makes sense especially when he is performing “Strip That Down”. Scroll below to see Liam half-naked at Virgin Radio gig.

Liam Payne Goes Shirtless While Performing “Strip That Down” at a Private Gig in Paris, France

Post Author: David Watt