Watch: Lana Del Rey releases video for ‘Burning Desire’

As you may or may not know, Lana Del Rey has been spending the past six months or so selling out cashing in on her new found mega-fame with some lucrative tie-ins with brands desperate for a bit of her artsy classic Americana image. It’s all about the synergy apparently.

So, in the same synergistic vein as her ‘Blue Velvet’ video for clothing brand H+M comes this video for Born To Die bonus track ‘Burning Desire’ – which is to help promote Jaguar’s new F-Type car. To be fair though, the product placement isn’t as jarring as Jaguar would probably have liked, so it actually plays out as a decent Lana video. Still leaves a slightly nasty taste in the mouth though – see what you think….

Post Author: Luke Glassford

Post written by Luke Glassford - founder, editor, writer and everything else at All-Noise.