Watch Lady Gaga’s Emotional Talk + Performance At A&M University

What could be more exciting to have 5 of your presidents at a charity event in your university? Sounds unreal, right? This happened for real at the charity event on 11th October at A&M University, Texas organized by One America. Along with a huge audience were sittingĀ Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter in the very first row.

Wait, this does not stop here. The cherry on the top was Lady Gaga’s emotional performance of her hit songs. Miss Gaga performed Million Reasons, You And I, and The Edge of Glory in front of 5 presidents.

It sure was a very special day for Gaga fans!

Lady Gaga’s Emotional Talk

Before starting her performance, Lady Gaga talked about her personal emotions about the event, One America Organization and the need to stay united as one single unit.

“I just want to remind you that when some of us are on the edge, we’re all on the edge. We all sit around and we watch it on TV, and on the news and we feel on the edge with every single one of you even when even if we’re not there. I hope every single person here tonight will join me in giving what they can to help these beautiful, vibrant communities recover. Please donate your time and your love. I really believe in everything that this incredible moment stands for.”

It seems like Miss Gaga has been deeply moved by the catastrophes.

Post Author: David Watt