Watch Kesha’s Music Video “I Need A Woman To Love”

Kesha has premiered a new music video and it’s filled with emotions. The song is titled “I Need A Woman To Love”.¬†The song will feature in Universal Love EP that includes six artists. Kesha is one of these artists. This new LP will contain wedding anthems for the LGBTQ community. The music video for this new song came out on April 9.

The music video opens with¬†Kesha on a road trip. She drives on dusty roads and seems really excited. Wonder what’s making her excited? She is planning to marry two of her fans. She is traveling to the Ballagio where Dani and Lindsay are waiting for her.

In this clip, you will also see some emotional footage of the women that Kesha is going to marry. You will see these women living in a hotel and spending time together.

It’s a moving video with a lot of emotions. You will enjoy every moment of this video. Most importantly, this music video will remind you how important it is for artists to work on similar songs and EPs for ignored communities. It’s a great start to promote love. Listen to this song below and watch the official music video.

Watch “I Need A Woman To Love” Music Video by Kesha

Post Author: David Watt