Watch Katy Perry Performing “Bon Appetit” on Stage

Katy Perry has a new haircut and a new song titled “Bon Appetit”. Last night, she came out at the 2017 MET Gala in NYC and hosted the show. But that wasn’t the only gift for her fans. She also performed her new single on stage for the first time. She had an excellent audience, comprising of all the top celebrities.

The famous hip-hop trio Migos also came out on stage to perform “Bon Appetit” with Katy Perry. With Migos and Katy both having a tight schedule, this would be a rare on the stage performance of “Bon Appetit” by all the collaborators. So be sure you bookmark this video and watch it as many times as many you like. There won’t be another performance like this, I can assume.

Katy Perry was wearing a dominatrix latex suit that looked really great on her, especially with the new haircut. She looked fierce and delivered a super performance. Now we are keeping our fingers crossed for her first-ever TV performance for “Bon Appetit”. For now, watch this performance and be sure to come back to this blog to see if she has any plans to give us a TV performance of this new single.

Watch Katy Perry Perform “Bon Appetit”

Post Author: David Watt