Watch “Home” Music Video by Machine Gum Kelly Ft. Bebe Rexha

Machine Gun Kelly has debuted the official music video for her latest single “Home” featuring Bebe Rexha & X Ambassador. The music video is as good as you expected after hearing the audio that came out a few days back.

The song “Home” is a collaboration for the “Bright” soundtrack. The soundtrack already has some major hits associated with it and with the addition of this new song, expect nothing less than a mega music affair from “Bright”.

Although the audio for “Home” came out earlier, the music video made it to the internet last night. It came out on YouTube. The video is directed by David Ayer. He is the same guy who is also directing the movie so you can expect things to be really sci-fi and action-packed. That’s exactly what you get when you watch “Home” music video.

The music video is shot in Los Angeles, as informed by the press release that came with the music video. It uses locations used in the movie “Bright” to create the kind of aurora that fans could then relate to the movie. Moreover, you will see the orcs from the movie. It’s a journey back home after being released. It’s definitely a very strong and emotionally powerful video that you are going to adore absolutely.

I’m sure David didn’t decide to direct this MV as a matter of fact. But instead, he must’ve listened to the song and after having fallen in love with it, he might’ve decided to direct the video for the song. But whatever the story behind this MV, it’s just a blessing and a treat for the fans.

Watch “Home” Music Video by Machine Gun Kelly Featuring Bebe Rexha and X Ambassador

Post Author: David Watt