Watch dancing stars in “Dancing With The Stars” Season 19 Finale

“Dancing With The Stars” has always been filled with stars and this year was no exception as we saw some of the biggest names perform on the grand finale held on November 25th. Meghan Trainor, Jennifer Hudson and Nick Jonas unleashed their performances filled with energy and optimism for the aspiring music stars and made it one of the best finale for the program. You can watch these performances below.

All the three mega stars gave best of their performances on the day while dancing on their favorite singles. The hit ABC show has plenty of audience and these stars know that. That’s the reason they gave it their best. It is now up to audience to judge who did the best and who under-performed.

Meghan Trainor performed her hit singles “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Moving”. Her performance was mesmerizing as she confidently faced the camera and the crowd showing her real cute side of personality. The choreography was somewhat off but no one probably noticed that thanks to great singles and excellent performance otherwise.

Nick Jonas performed his hit single “Jealous” and did really well with it. Crowd also loved Hudson’s performance on her popular single “Go All Night”. Looking at all the three performances critically, Jennifer Hudson was probably the best out of three with her strong stage presence and powerful vocals.

Watch Top Performances in “Dancing With The Stars” Season 19 Finale

Watch “All About That Bass” performed by Meghan Trainor

Watch “Jealous” performed by Nick Jonas


Watch “Go All Night” performed by Jennifer Hudson

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