harry styles sign of times filming music video

Watch BTS Video of “Sign Of The Times” by Harry Styles + Photos

Harry Style looks DARING in this behind-the-scenes video for his debut solo single “Sign of The Times”. It definitely deserved something this awesome. He is really working on something too good to be hidden. He’s seen up in the air hanging from choppers to shoot some of the scenes.

Harry Styles and his video crew traveled all the way to a secret location in Scotland to shoot this up-in-the-air scene. I don’t what special they have about that location but probably Harry didn’t want the media to follow him doing these mid-air stunts. But media always figures out a way to find famous people like Harry himself. His shooting videos and images are all over the media now. So, he didn’t get the peace of mind he probably wanted while shooting those adventurous music video scenes.

This new single “Sign of The Times” is going to come out today. We’re sure Harry Styles will also give us music video in this same week – maybe on Sunday considering his video shooting schedule. Check out some photos and videos below. If you’ve more stuff from this shoot, share it in the comments for everyone to see.

Post Author: David Watt