Watch 21-Minute Long Visuals for “Fire Fade” by Tove Lo

Tove Lo has released a super long visual titled “Fire Lady” to end her Lady Wood era. This 21-minute long visual is directed by Tim Eren who has managed to pull in a lot of emotions in this music video. It’s kind of a mini-movie and it’s NSFW. So be careful when you hit the PLAY button below. Make sure you are not at work!

The good news is that this video doesn’t explore sex. It’s not NSFW for that.

Instead, you will see Tove Lo going NSFW in this video with mental sickness. That’s a major topic these days and Tove Lo doing a visual on this tells us the true potential of this diva. She has explored mental health to its boundaries for all of us to see.

The visual has a great soundtrack that features album cuts. It’s clearly directed at fans who wanted to see their favorite Swedish diva breaking the boundaries of normal. In the music video, you will see Tove Lo climbing walls to go higher. She believes that it’s the only way to go higher now. However, only audiences realize that it’s actually a struggle within the mind.

Talking about the visuals, Tove Lo confessed that climbing so many walls was physically the toughest thing that she had ever done in her music career. She told her fans that she had never been in this kind of pain ever before. But she also declared that she really wanted to do it as it was worth the hard work. Now it’s time we see how it all came out of the screen. Watch the visuals below.

Watch 21-minute Long Short Movie “Fire Fade”


Post Author: David Watt