Video Review: “WTF” by Missy Elliot

Missy Elliot is back after being away for a few years but she has made sure that she makes a memorable comeback. She performed with Katy Perry at the Super Bowl and everyone loved it. Considering how her recently-released most popular tracks have climbed on charts after the performance, it seems like she knew it was the perfect time to make a comeback. If you listen to her latest track titled “WTF (Where They From)” and watch the video, you will know that Missy has delivered a perfect music video to announce her comeback.

Her new single “WTF” will also be the lead single from her upcoming seventh studio album. The track is produced by Pharrel Williams and it’s a Pharell’s signature production with heavy upbeat and percussion. The track is seriously catchy and it’s going to get you in mood to sing immediately. The track is about taking pride in what is yours, be it your traditions or customs.

She is gearing to release her seventh studio album but so far there is no definite release date announced so far. According to some sources, Missy has already finished her album and she is ready to release. Chances are good that we will have this new album with us in early 2016.

Watch “WTF” Music Video By Missy Elliot

Post Author: David Watt