Video review: “Spotless Mind” Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko has released a video for her new track “Spotless Mind”, indicating it for all her fans that she aren’t gone just yet. The video was released on VEVO on January 21st. The track “Spotless Mind” will be first single from Jhene’s debut album with Def Jam.

Video for “Spotless Mind” is probably the best video we have seen from Jhene so far. Jhene will be breaking relationships in the video taking on different personas, blending humor with heatache like a vixen. It’s a total surprise to see Jhene Aiko play these roles in the video as she puts her shy person behind and blends in really well in this confident and independent character.

It’s a treat to watch Aiko come out full of confidence and try to fail boys by first giving them the girl they want and then breaking the relationship. No matter how hard someone tries, Aiko has the arsenal to break the relationship. Surprisingly the person who plays the role opposite to Jhene Aiko is father of Namiko, who is Aiko’s five year old daughter.

Watch the video for “Spotless Mind” below and let us know what you feel about it. Do add a comment if you like the new confident Aiko.

Watch video for “Spotless Mind” by Jhene Aiko

Post Author: David Watt