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Video Review: “Like I Can” by Sam Smith

Sam Smith has worked a lot on emotional subject matter. Not only his tracks but his recent videos have also displayed visuals that deal with the emotions. But now it looks like pop music’s crush Sam Smith wants to shake up things a little. He has come up with a rather new take on visuals in his new videos for classy upbeat “Like I Can”. The British singer is seen rooming around the Manhattan with his fellows and acting like a playboy. The video shows pals spending time together who are out there to enjoy themselves, free from any emotional bridge. The video clip is in black and white so you are ensured of a classy feel.

The ‘boys’ who are out to have some fun enjoy an Italian dinner before dancing and climbing the poles in the streets and alleyways. The video portrays life of a jet-setting playboy and gives a glimpse of a day of his life. But fans don’t need to confuse it with Sam Smith’s real life as this probably doesn’t mirror his real life. But still it’s a lot of fun watching this classy black and white video. Since the vocals are powerful and upbeat as always, the video looks even better.

Watch “Like I Can” by Sam Smith

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz