Video Review: “Body Talk” by Foxes

English singer and songwriter Foxes has already made a name for her with her new single “Body Talk”. The single was released a few weeks ago and it made headlines due to its amazing chorus. It was definitely one of the best pop chorus that we have heard this year so far.

Now Foxes has released a music video to accompany her latest single. The music video was premiered on June 22 through VEVO. The video is directed by Virgili Jubero. Although Foxes looks stunning in the video but still the music video fails to impress as a whole. It is a boring video with absolutely no storyline and nothing else that could provide the necessary spark.

Foxes parks at a gas station as the music video opens. She then pays for the gas at the station counter and starts dancing with her friends while going back to their car. They sing “Body Talk” and continue dancing for some reason. Foxes with her friends then take the car for a wash. The track sounds so good that probably everyone is disappointed with the music video, which is nothing but a boring video with no material in it.

If you are in love with Foxes’ latest single “Body Talk”, hold your nerves back when watching the music video. You may get angry to see her do ‘dance on gas station’ video for such a wonderful song. At least her fans expected a better music video for such a wonderful song.

Watch “Body Talk” by Foxes

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz